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Mindful Money

Mindful Money

Mindful money communities are forming across the world to transform our culture of money. We see a world where profit can serve higher purpose, human dignity, and a healthier planet.

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Latest Thoughts

PlayMoolah Forum Theatre

The animals respond

This is part 2 of the story of water shortage. Read part 1 here. It turns out that the tapirs...

PlayMoolah Forum Theatre

A story of water shortage

There was a terrible crisis in the animal community. The animals noticed that the clouds were starting to disappear, and...

The Future of Us

The Future of Us with NYC

by Lisabelle Tan   One might think that mindfulness and money are of separate spheres – with the former being...

Iceberg of Money

Demystifying Money

What is money? During the war, my grandfather made a lot of “banana money”. He apparently had so much money...

Rich, Richer

The Meaning of Wealth

When we think of wealth, we mostly associate it with money, investments, and assets relating to our financial capital. And...

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